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Should I Freeze Bread- Is it Bad For You
Published By ronaldoh on 2012-01-11 4941 Views

Can Freezing Bread be Bad for your Stomach

The daily loaf is an important part of life and maybe your diet.Bread however has now become quite an expensive foodstuff on our shopping list.We do not want to waste any bread and for that reason we often prefer to freeze the loaf in order to keep it fresh, but is it really a good idea to freeze our bread.

Baking Bread and Starch

Many dieticians now consider freezing bread maybe bad for you if you suffer from bloating or wind problems.

This is explained in the cooking process of our loaf. When the bread is baked the wheat starch is softened and breaks down it's structure and making it edible, but this changes when the loaf cools down and the wheat hardens.This is comparable to the starch in mashed potatoes which are soft when cooked, but is hard when cooled. When the bread has cooled down, the wheat reacts with other starches to form the resistant starches and tis is what causes the problems to our digestive systems.

Unfortunatlely even if you toast your bread or re-heat it in another cooking process these starches still remain, and can be fermented by bowel bacteria and cause further bloating and gases to form.

Bread Doughs and Baking

Storing your bread into your freezer at home is a bad idea, but you should also be aware that many breads from certain bakeries are made from chilled or frozen doughs to save time and ensure more varieties of fresh bread.

However these chilled and frozen doughs are cooked again just before they go on sale so similar problems can occur to irritate your stomach, even if you do not freeze any of these types of bread.

If you buy your bread from many of the big mass produced bread companies that are sold through supermarkets, this problem may be alleviated as the bread from the production lines are readily cooked,sliced and distributed at normal temperatures.

Is Bread Giving you a Problem ?

Apart from certain allergies especially wheat , which could also cause you problems, one of the reasons why bread is giving trouble to your gut are the chilled dough products from the bakery counters.

The solutions are to bake your own with ideal conditions for baking, and avoid freezing your loaves of bread.

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